Will They Miss You?

When family and friends have been apart for a few days or maybe a few hours, when they see each other again a common phrases is said: I missed you.

Sometimes when it is not said, it is asked: did you miss me?

For those who are in love, enjoy each other company or are a great part of what happens the response is quickly yes I/we missed you.

This statement sometimes is asked another way as people prepare to leave. They ask as they go Will you miss me. Or without being asked we say I will miss you while you are gone.

But for some it’s a struggle to respond to prevent from hurting the other feelings. It’s not that you don’t want to miss them, but because of their ways or attitude it’s a relief that they are gone for a few hours or days.

If we live in love, labor to be a good help to others and present a good spirit, people will miss us when we are away from them.

Several stories in the Bible we see when people parted or died how others wept because of the separation.

The story of Dorcas death in the book of Acts tells of many in the town weeping for her lost. Lazarus family and friends wept for him. Paul had many weep each time he left them to go preach in another place. Of course Jesus had many disciples to weep as He gave His life on The Cross.

May we also have the same connection that cause people to miss us and long to see us again. May we refrain from living in a way that when we leave they say another phrases “Good Ridden”.

Think about it: Will they miss you?

With Love and Care
Pastor B.

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