Where Are Your Keys?

When we are associated with a place and come to a time we are responsible and can be trusted we will be given Keys of the place to function freely.

Having keys shows we have authorization to access whatever is needed to do the task at hand.

It is important that we guard these keys to prevent those who are not associated with the place and are not authorized from having access.

We should also be mindful to keep the keys close and ready to use them when needed so we will not be locked out or in something at the wrong time.

This natural principle flows in the Spiritual sense. Every believer because of their association with Christ has been authorized to access everything God has to make sure we can freely function in this world and stand against the system of the devil.

Yet, many who claim Christ remain bound and on the outside of things that they should have access too.

So I ask every believer reading this where are your keys? Are you working in the authority you have been given? Are you failing to access and use all that is available to you?

Jesus has given unto us the keys of the Kingdom. Receive them. Learn them. Use them.

For The Kingdom,
Pastor B.

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