Righteousness vs Sin

Righteousness is that which is right before God. It’s living in agreement with what God desires. Sin is disobedience to what God desires. It is doing that which is wrong before God.

When you compare the two: Righteousness wins over sin every time. All sin no matter how big or small have a harming effect eventually and sometimes immediately. Think about everything that is against what God desires and you will see it causes others or you some kind of hurt or pain sooner or latter.

However, righteousness brings life, joy and peace eventually or often immediately. When we do what is pleasing to God we have no fear of after effects that we will regret later.

The pleasure of sin for the moment blinds us to this truth. Seeking to please our flesh right now, make us loose focus of the benefits of choosing righteousness instead.

Sin leads to sickness, broken relationships and homes. Sin can lead to death of others and yourself. Righteousness preserves health, heals relationships and make strong homes. Righteousness gives life now and for ever more.

When you do the comparison of Righteousness vs Sin you will have to conclude its best to choose what is right before God.

Through Christ and The Holy Spirit we can have power to live out what is right before God and overcome sin. It’s a winning decision. Choose Righteousness today.

For The Kingdom,
Pastor B.

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