Miracles Still Happening

Today my heart rejoice over a recent miracle I heard of. A young Pastor had been afflicted for 4 weeks and could barely speak. The doctors didn’t know what was the cause.

This young man and family endured this and believed God for healing, but yet unsure how and if God would do it.

Then just as it came suddenly God healed him before many and performed a miracle. I’m not calling any names, but just writing to encourage someone, the same God that worked miracles in the Bible, and just did this for this Pastor can do it for you too.

Don’t worry about the false people setting up false miracle services. Don’t worry about the false people not fully living for God.

Keep your focus on God and seek Him first and His righteousness and all the things you need will be added to you. Be obedient and you will eat the fruit of the land God has promised.

Miracles Still Happening!!!

For The Kingdom,
Pastor B.

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