Men’s Fellowship

In this fellowship we are our brother’s keeper and believe in keeping each other accountable and encouraged in Christ.  We believe as iron sharpens iron that our character will strengthen and challenge each other to grow in grace.

We have spiritual impartation sessions as well as regular outings bowling, fishing, sports and other things to make it a well balance male bonding experience.

Women’s Fellowship

In this fellowship we encourage each other as women to be free to be all God has placed in us to be.  We encourage each other to be Proverbs 31 women and recognize ourselves as precious jewels in Christ.

We have spiritual impartation sessions as well as regular shopping outings, cooking and sewing classes, teas and other things to make it a well balance female bonding experience.

Young Explorers Birth to 12 years of age,

This fellowship of children is lively, encouraging and safe for all to explore God and their passions.  We believe in training children at an early age to respect themselves, their parents and others.  We strive to lay a solid foundation, so as they grow older they will have a sure place to stand on.

We have spiritual impartation times in a children friendly manner such as puppet shows, bible story time and more.  We have regular outings to the parks, children amusement places and more to make it a well balance program for children.

Teen Adventures 13 to 19

Our Teen Adventure fellowship is just that, adventurous.  We encourage our teens to step out the box both for Christ and in life.  We offer opportunities for them to learn their place in Christ, seek out their gifts and use them for His glory.  We also challenge our teens to set and achieve goals in school and society.

We have spiritual impartation times where the teens can have discussion of real life issues and have a safe zone to share their triumphs and defeats without judgment.  We also have outings for zip lining, hiking, movies, bowling, skating and more to create a well balance young program.

Audio/Visual/Social Media Ministry

This ministry is the perfect place for those gifted with the creative genes, technical skills and the desire to take the worship experience beyond the walls of the church through media and the internet.

This is the perfect ministry for those who are hardworking and given to service.  Must have the passion to capture what is happening in the worship experience and capture and package it to minister to those that were not there and allow those present to relive the moment.
New Members Follow Up Ministry

This ministry understands no one likes being the new person or kid on the block.  We also understand getting to know people and learning the flow of a new church is not always easy.

So, we strive in getting all new members connected to the church, it’s members and the ministry.  We follow up with emails, a monthly fellowship and whatever is needed to help all new members feel and know they are love and that we care.

Missions/Outreach Ministry

This ministry directs the mission work both local and foreign.  We come up with ways that are effective in meeting the needs of the homeless, less fortunate, widows and orphans.  We also, support the foreign mission vision of the church set by our Pastor.

Helping Hands

This is an internal mission ministry design for those of this church.  As the people in the book of Acts had all things in common, we strive to ensure all members of this church have their basic needs or means to obtain them.