CD: You Shall Be Saved

YouShallBeSaved Elder Bernard Blackmon with Family & Friends
(Released 09/24/2005)
© Copyright – Bernard Blackmon / Elder Bernard Blackmon with Family & Friends
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Bernard Blackmon started writing songs in the early 1990’s. He would sing the songs he wrote anytime his friends would listen. Bernard often spoke of his dream to place these songs God had given him on CD. In September 2004 he contacted his friend Juan Sellars and they begin the journey of the CD project. A friend of Juan’s, Victor Blackwell was chosen to create the music. In January 2005 Bernard with a couple of his family and friends meet together for the first time to began rehearsing the songs. In 9 months they had learned the songs and went to the studio to create the CD. God’s hand has truly been with this group made up of members from New Jersey, Maryland and North Carolina. The CD was finished and released September 24, 2005. Once you hear the words, music and sound of the group this CD will be one that remains in your rotation of CDs for days to come.
You Shall Be Saved
You Are
Here I Am Again
You Are My King
Lord, I Want To Be Ready
In The Name Of Jesus
Give It To Jesus
Let Brotherly Love Continue
I Will Be Glad