Growth: Prayer & Study

Prayer and Study of The Word of God is essential for Spiritual growth. Through these 2 spiritual disciplines we have consistent growth.

In the natural to grow and be healthy we need to eat. The same thing is needed for spiritual growth . We need to feed our new man created in Christ through prayer and the study of the word of God to become strong Christians.

It’s A Must

There is no exception to this rule. To receive strength to overcome and live that more than a conqueror life the Bible says we can have; we must give ourself to prayer and studying the scripture.

Sacrifice of our time to these 2 spiritual disciplines now will help us soar through the suffering and struggles later. Although our flesh will get tired, be weary and get sleepy, we must do what it takes to train ourselves to over come the spirit of slumber.

In the natural if we don’t eat we will be weak! The same goes for the spiritual man! When we fail to pray and study daily, weekly or monthly we will be weak and will not our flesh defeat.


We can start off with a short prayer for 15 minutes a day. Then study 15 minutes of a selected book in the Bible. I suggest sticking with one particular book from start to finish for a complete study. Each day close out with prayer over what you studied. To add to it, write down a few things to close out the study time. Practice this each day or maybe 3 times a week and watch the growth you have within 30 days. Sometimes the growth is not immediately seen, but over time when trials and trouble come, you will know the difference.

1 Peter 2:2 KJV
[2] As newborn babes, desire the sincere milk of the word, that ye may grow thereby:

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