End Right To Begin Right Pt 3

This continues the thought from the previous two post.  The thought is to relay the message to give attention on how we end things, because that will impact on how we begin things.  Before every beginning there is an ending.  So far we learned to end right, we must Recognize some things and Release some things.

The next thing is there has to be some Reaching.  This is not physical reaching but a mental and spiritual reaching.  We don’t wait until things begin to reach, but as things end we must already be reaching for the next.  There has to be a drive, determination and desire for the next thing as the current end.  Those without a drive will become stale and settled.  But, those that are always reaching out will go higher.

As this cycle or part of life ends, be sure to reach out planning and pursuing your next task in life.  Those that hunger and thirst shall be filled.  #PastorBNuggets.

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