End Right To Begin Right Part 1

Let me share a truth that is often ignored or over looked:  Every beginning has an ending before it.  Something always end, before something new begins.  Now, how we end things before we begin other things will have a big impact on it.  So, we need to end right to begin right.  To end right we need to “RECOGNIZE” somethings.  Recognize means to know, be aware, identify and acknowledge as true.  As things end we need to recognize it’s over and stop weeping over it, stop waiting for it get better and working on it.  It’s over.  As one thing end we need to Recognize although it’s over we are not over.  We have more to do.  We need to recognize the things that has hindered us and things that will help us.  If we don’t recognize these things we will remain in the same place or keep repeating the cycle.  As we look to the end of this year and the beginning of a new year make sure we end right to begin right.

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