End Right To Begin Right 4/5

There are 2 more things in this series that we need to practice to End Right To Begin Right.

The first is to Remember. It’s true we have to not remember somethings in order to move forward. However, at the same time there are things we should Remember. We need to remember the Precepts of God, Provision of God, Protection of God and Promises of God. We can’t Begin the new things forgetting it was God that brought us. If we Remember all these things of God we will End the old things right and Begin right.

The next and last thing to End Right is to Rejoice. When we learn to Rejoice as things End, it Strengthens us, Shakes our Enemy and Signals God’s presence in our life. As we End the old we should not be sad, depress or in misery. We should embrace the new with Rejoicing and when we do this we will End Right To Begin Right.

Now, that we know how to End Right, stand tune to the coming blogs to Begin Right.

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