Anchored In Christ

I intentionally try to stay away from talking about politics and commenting on the leaders of the Nation. Out of respect to the position and obedience to God’s word I give honor to all in authority.

The Bible teaches us to pray for those that are in authority and to live and serve so that they can lead with joy and not grievance. We are not to speak ill of those in authority because anyone in power God allowed it. So when we speak against the powers that be we are speaking against what God wanted.

However we are not blind to the confusion and turmoil our land is in. We still have to hold up a standard with love and trust in God. All of this is in God’s hand.

As long as we stay anchored in Christ whatever happens will not move us. Christ can keep us stable and from being carried away with every wind of change.

Set a watch over your mouth and keep focus on Christ. Stay anchored in Christ and none of the things stirring will harm you.

For The Kingdom,
Pastor B

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